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KDD is one of the leading producers of quality food products in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries.

Rich Range

Rich Mango Nectar

If you love Mangoes, one sip of Rich Mango nectar from KDD Harvest, and you will want more, much more. This is because we know that the joy of having mango is in its pulpy juiciness, and in KDD Harvest we have put more mangoes than anyone else. After being the most preferred mango nectar among consumers in the Arabian Gulf for over 25 years we are confident you will love it too.

Rich Guava Nectar

If you like the Guava fruit, you will simply love the Rich Guava nectar from KDD Harvest. It’s so thick that you can experience the real fruit! It’s so rich and tasty that you yearn for more. Experience the goodness of choicest white guavas unlike any other, only with KDD Harvest….. There is more fruit in every sip.

True Range – A 100% Juice

True Apple Juice

Apple has been everybody’s favorite fruit at some point in their lives. Maybe because of its color, or may because we are used to English saying that “an apple a day keeps doctors away” or just the rich look of the fruit. KDD Harvest has developed a 100% Apple Juice that even the Apple will be proud of. One sip of 100% True Apple from KDD Harvest and you will ask for more, much more.

True Orange Juice

100% Orange Juice is bitter, right? Wrong. We asked ourselves why is that the orange is sweet and the Juice bitter? KDD Harvest worked on it along with the leading suppliers and developed a fantastic blend of oranges from the finest farms in the world to give you a 100% Orange Juice, that you will love for its true orange taste, without any bitter aftertaste, that too without any added sugar.

Perfect Range

Perfect Orange Beverage

KDD Harvest Perfect Orange Juice beverage is delectable and is a rich blend of handpicked oranges from around the world. It is a perfect choice for you if love and crave for a sweetened orange fruit drink. It tastes so good that you want to have more.

Perfect Mixed Beverage

You love having a mixed fruit juice to get the benefits of many fruits, but surely with a great taste. KDD Harvest worked on a blend of fruits rich in benefits and great in taste. The result, a unique blend of 8 awesome fruits - apple, mango, guava, orange, banana, papaya, apricot and peach, with a fantastic taste.