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KDD is a leading manufacturer and distributor of food and beverage products in the Middle East. Started in 1962, it's the longest established, most diversified and most innovative dairy company in the region. KDD made its foray into the Indian market through the successful launch of its fruit juices line, KDD HARVEST in 2012. KDD HARVEST’s unique range of fruit juices not only quench your thirst but provide you with your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, are delicious, refreshing and a healthy choice for your family.


Supreme Alphonso

The lusciousness drips with flavours unheard of; the aroma gives you lightheadedness, and the perfect hue that makes even a golden sunrise look meek!


Rich Mango Nectar

If you love mangoes, one sip of KDD HARVEST Mango Nectar, and you will want more, much more. This is because we know that the joy of having mango is in its pulpy juiciness, and in KDD HARVEST we have put more fruit than any other.

Rich Guava Nectar

If you like the guava fruit, you will simply love the KDD HARVEST Guava Nectar. It’s so thick that you just can’t get enough. It’s so rich that you just crave for more. It’s so tasty you yearn for more. Experience the goodness of choicest white guavas unlike any other only with KDD HARVEST.

Rich Pink Guava

Rich Pink Guava has good source of Vitamin C, fibres & Antioxidant Compounds. This attractive fruit is a storehouse of nutrients.

True Range – A 100% Juice.

True Apple Juice

KDD HARVEST has developed a 100% Apple Juice that even the Apple will be proud of. One sip of KDD HARVEST True Apple Juice and you will ask for more, much more. Bring it home today and you will make it part of your daily life.

True Orange Juice

KDD HARVEST True Orange Juice is a fantastic blend of oranges from the finest farms in the world to give you a 100% Orange Juice, that you will love for its true orange taste, without any bitter aftertaste, that too without adding sugar.


Perfect Litchi Beverage

KDD HARVEST Perfect Litchi is a sweet tropical fruit juice that has a rich texture and flavour. From the sweetness, the fragrance to the delicate texture, every quality of litchi has been reproduced in the juice.

Perfect Cranberry Beverage

KDD HARVEST Perfect Cranberry is a sweet juice that has to be savoured sip by sip. Made from fresh, ripe cranberries, Perfect Cranberry has all the benefits of the real fruit. Tasty and refreshing, Perfect Cranberry will make you crave for more.

Rich Pomegranate Beverage

KDD HARVEST Rich Pomegranate is as delicious as it gets. Powered with the natural goodness and antioxidant properties of this royal fruit, Rich Pomegranate offers you a healthy start to your days.

Perfect Apple Beverage

KDD HARVEST has worked with consumers like you who love sweet apple fruit beverages to develop the perfect taste. The apples are sourced from the best locations in the world to give you a truly delicious experience.

Perfect Pineapple Beverage

KDD HARVEST Perfect Pineapple fruit beverage is the perfect choice for those who love pineapples. You can also make interesting mocktails with it that’ll leave your family licking their lips.

Perfect Orange Beverage

The KDD HARVEST Perfect Orange Juice beverage is a delectable and rich blend of handpicked oranges from around the world. It’s a perfect choice for you if you love and crave for sweet orange fruit beverage. It tastes so good that you will want to have more.

Perfect Mixed Fruit Beverage

You love having a mixed fruit juice to get the benefits of many fruits, but surely with a great taste. KDD HARVEST worked on a blend of fruits rich in benefits and fantastic in taste. The result, a unique blend of 8 awesome fruits - apple, mango, guava, orange, banana, papaya, apricot and peach, with a fantastic taste. One sip of KDD HARVEST Mixed Fruit and you will say, “Perfect, can I have more”.